Know Some Basic Information about Machines that Conduct Solventless Extraction

It is claimed that an equipment can conduct the safest and cleanest method to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant through the process of solventless extraction. There are companies that would claim that they have the best equipment, and that they can bring products into the markets while educating and sharing their knowledge, teaching the benefits and methods on how to manufacture cannabis oils at its highest quality.

One provider of solventless extraction equipment is a company that claims to be the leading equipment and technology, having the cleanest and safest metnods in the industry of this type of machine.

With a new and dynamic approach, another manufacturer is revolutionizing this industry. This manufacturer is claiming to be the leader in the new solvent free, with a patent pending, rosin extraction technology, and they manufacture a rosin press machine which is considered as the largest commercial sized machine in the world. The objective of their patent pending technology is to give out the maximum yield and quality of the process. Further, their machines are said to be compact, user friendly and very durable indeed.

This kind of machine uses the non-volatile extraction method, which means that zero chemicals or solvents are used. The machine is designed to use only a scientific and precise heat and pressure, with the capability of processing volume quantity of plant material in just a small amount of time and costs compared to other equipment sold now in the market. Aside from producing pure finished products that are ready for consumption, the finished products of this machine have met all health and safety standards that are required. This commercial rosin press can also produce a variety of popular concentrates, to mention wax, shatter, and so on.

It can be said then that with just a mere push of a button, the extraction using this machine can now be performed in a quick and easy manner.

The machine therefore gives a solution that is easiest to use and the most effective method of extraction technology nowadays, not to mention that it is friendly to the environment, and is producing a pure finished product filled with terpene profile.

The application of solventless rosin can be done in so many ways, like tinctures, topicals, vapes, oils and so on, of which the market is still starting to recognize the potentials.

The machine is said to be able to process about 40 pounds of material in every 8 hour shift, thus with this amount of material, not other solventless extraction equipment is capable to do volume or amount this with such speed and ease. The equipment is fully automatic, has digital controls that sets heat, time and pressure with just a touch of a button, and a hydraulic with a 30 ton cylinder.

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