Detecting a Lie: How to Find Out if You are Being Duped

Do you have reason to believe that someone is lying to you? Without the power to read minds, this can be quite a challenge trying to figure out the truth. Nevertheless, if you have reason to believe the person wants to withhold the truth, there are signs you can concentrate on. Below are some methods you can use to tell whether you are being hoodwinked.

Inconsistency is Something to Look for
There is a single version of what is true. When someone narrates a story of what happened, they need to have a consistent version every time they tell it. Nevertheless, this is where most lies are found out. Your work is simple, identifying the part of their story that changes. If you have a written statement or a recording, then this will work even better. Hence there will be no way to refute the lie.

Covering the Mouth and Lip Biting
This is another way of telling if someone is telling you a lie. Experts use this technique a lot when finding out whether there are things one is withholding. A person may cover their mouth with their hand subtly as they speak. Additionally, they may even bite their lips. According to Psychology, this could be a subconscious way of withholding what is true.

Repeating Your Questions
Response to questions is another way of telling when someone is telling a lie. When you ask a question, you need to pay attention to how your subject is answering them. Sometimes when someone is telling a lie, they will repeat the question you just asked them often. This is because thinking fast can be hard. Most of the time people will need to buy time and this helps do just that.

Failure to Remember Details of What they First Said
This method is also foolproof. It might sound to you like the very first point. Nevertheless, they are different. Unlike the initial point where one may add new contradictory information; here, one fails to recall what they said to begin with. This is clearly a sign that you are being lied to.

Check Hand Movements and Gestures
For many years people have believed that detecting certain eye movements could lead to knowing a lie; however there are better methods of knowing this. There are many kinds of gestures that people make especially with their hands that speak volumes. In many instances, the liar will have an animated hand movement while speaking; additionally, their face may show emotions that do not match what they are saying.

Sure, it may be tasking to figure out the truth; nonetheless, the above techniques will allow you to at least get close to learning what is true.

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