How to Have the Best Time on a Winery Tour

When you go for a winery tour, it is important to keep certain things in mind. If you are on it for the first time; you need to be especially concerned about the preparations.

It is important to have a clear picture of the area. If you are on a guided tour, then you shall have it planned out, with a tour operator who understands the area. But in case you are part of a group that is there by themselves, you need to have maps, whether paper or electronic, to help you get around. Vineyards are normally in out of the way areas. Without knowing where you are going, you will get lost.

You also need to make sure you have had a proper meal before starting the tour. You will thus not get intoxicated quickly. Those who drink on a regular basis may have developed a higher threshold. You need to find out more about your body. You could also increase your consumption days before the tour starts.

You should also spend some time at the shops within these wineries. You should find certain types of wine not common back home. Their prices shall also be friendlier than what you get elsewhere.

You may ask for a private tour. This could be an option apart from the group guided tours. Private tours are common in their offseasons.

Since wine tasting costs money, ask first if they have complementary featured wines. They are keen on advertising their products, and shall avail some bottles if they are there.
If you do not know much about wines, you shall be in the right place to learn more. They are the best people to leave you well informed about matters to do with wine, and wine consumption. You could also get some education through online wine courses before planning such a tour.

You can ask to take some of the wines you are interested in buying before you do. There have been cases where people’s thoughts on a given wine turned out to be different from reality. This saves you a lot of money, as you make better choices.

You need to also come out with plenty of pictures of your tour. This is how you preserve those wonderful memories, apart from the wine you shall take home.

You also need to make proper travel arrangements, especially for when you leave the winery. Since there shall be quite a few glasses of wine consumed all around, none of you should be in the driver’s seat when you leave a winery. Wien does not go well with driving. You also need to avoid chances of the law catching up with you. AS much as you are having fun, there are still rules that need to adhere to.

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